My name is Werner and me and my dual are looking for another player that would like to join our account.
We have alot of experience together and this server is also going well for us. We are playing on a Teuton account and we are looking for someone that is either experienced in big accounts or someone that is willing to learn and active.

What we require from you:

- Be active(if possible nights or early mornings)
- Be experienced (is a plus not required since we can teach you)
- Loyal to a fault
- Able to handle flexibility once in a while

What you can expect in return:

- A nice atmosphere on the account and within our alliance
- Active duals
- A proper account(inside the top 100 even though we started over a week late)
- Flexibility (for example if you have certain events/obligations you have to uphold we can make arrangement about playing hours)

Any more questions? E-mail me personally on: wernerros@hotmail.com

Kind regards,